Make work meaningful with the Inspired Purpose Group

Are Your Employees on Fire?

Organizations have learned to be satisfied with mediocre levels of engagement, passion and productivity. Attempts to use extrinsic motivators to create high performance have been shown by repeated studies to be ineffective. Most organizations’ mission and vision statements inspire little emotion, even in their top leaders. So, how do you inspire people to bring their best efforts to work?

The research is clear!

To inspire people to perform at their best, they need to know not only what they are doing but why they are doing it. When people understand these key things, they contribute and achieve much more.

When your organization has a higher purpose:

  • You attract and retain the best employees, partners and investors
  • Your employees experience their work as meaningful and fulfilling
  • You make a greater impact in the world
  • You create a legacy that lasts and makes the world a better place

Without a clear inspiring purpose, everything feels disconnected.

When business and deeper meaning are kept separate, your employees seek fulfillment elsewhere. Your stakeholders pay lip service to your organization's goals, but don't devote themselves fully. And the most common solutions, like donating a fraction of profits to charity or giving people time off to volunteer, does not make the work itself more purposeful and inspiring.

Every organization has a deeper purpose. Most leaders do not know how to find and articulate it, so it remains unconscious and unfulfilled. Organizations, like people, have an innate purpose that wants to express itself. In that expression lies the great work that will make you and your organization thrive.

Our proven process will help you and your organization uncover and unleash the power of your deeper purpose. When you bring together inner wisdom and outer mastery, nothing can stop you from having the impact you are meant to make in the world.