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The inspiration of purpose is emerging everywhere.

Our species is evolving and waking up to higher purpose in myriad ways.

Here are some of the resources we recommend for you and your team to help your organization fulfill its mission.



Inspired Purpose Group Recommended Resources

Books, Blogs and other Reading

These are some of the foundational resources that have informed our work at Inspired Purpose Guides.

Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose
~  By Rajendra S. Sisodia, David B. Wolfe, Jagdish N. Sheth

This book captures the core philosophies that launched the conscious capitalism movement. Highly recommended.

Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business
~ By John Mackey, Rajendra Sisodia

This book continues to build out the thinking and research behind the conscious capitalism movement. Read it  to better understand how leading edge organizations use four specific tenets—: higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious leadership, and conscious culture to build strong businesses.

Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization (Leadership for the Common Good)
~ By Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey

We use a process similar to the one outlined as a useful tool to change habits and remove the behaviors that get in the way and keep us from our goals and finding and expressing our inspired purpose.

The Values-Driven Organization: Unleashing Human Potential for Performance and Profit
~ By Richard Barrett

This slideshare presentation is based on significant new research from multiple sources, Richard creates a compelling narrative about why purpose-led and values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet. This presentation explains why all healthy, mature humans want to engage in work that makes a difference in service to their communities and to the world; what we refer to as inspired purpose!

True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make
~ By Tim Kelley

This is simply the best book in the industry if you want a practical methodology for finding your higher purpose in life. It outlines the individual purpose process that has been adapted for the organizational purpose process we use with our clients.

Like-Minded Support Communities

It always helps to surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded leaders who share your purpose and values. These are some of our favorite communities.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism. They do so through transformative thinking, programs, events, and communities of inquiry designed to support the elevation of humanity through the application of the principles of Conscious Capitalism. Find local chapters, online forums and international gatherings.

The B Team, launched in late 2012, is the brainchild of Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson and sustainable business leader Jochen Zeitz. This is a global initiative to help transform the future of business and is supported by some of the most visionary and purpose-led CEO’s on the planet.The B Team champions concrete solutions to help make capitalism a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit.

Wisdom 2.0 asks the question: How do we live with greater presence, purpose and wisdom in the digital age? Through our series of conferences, meet-ups, workshops, social media conversations, and think-tank style gatherings, Wisdom 2.0 strives to bring this conversation to the world in an accessible, innovative, and inclusive way.

The Institute of HeartMath has been researching how humans access intuition, a hallmark of inspired purpose: a purpose informed not only by the ego, but our own highest inner wisdom and collective consciousness.

Caux Round Table | Initiatives of Change International website  The Caux Round Table (CRT) is an international network of principled business leaders working to promote a moral capitalism.