Make work meaningful with the Inspired Purpose Group


Our services are designed to help organizations discover, communicate and implement their higher purpose, engaging employees and all other stakeholders in their vital work in the world.

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While the topic of purpose touches the intangible, the tangible benefits of pursuing the higher purpose of your organization are numerous:

  • A fresh and meaningful shared mission that guides all levels of the operation
  • A transformed leadership team enjoying new levels of cooperation and accountability
  • Fired-up employees with the opportunity to contribute to a something larger than their individual job description
  • Increased productivity and innovation
  • Engagement and alignment across differing stakeholder needs, generating new levels of collaboration and ownership

In service of these objectives, we offer two programs, INSPIRED PURPOSE™ Discovery and INSPIRED PURPOSE™ Rollout.


The greatest successes throughout history have been driven by purpose, inspired by an inner wisdom & vision that brings innovation to life. Depending on the measurement used, less than 5% of our greatest companies and leaders can articulate the deep “why” that is ultimately responsible for this level of success. Even fewer know how to tap the inner wisdom that can help them with the task. That is where we come in. Our signature process taps our client’s combined inner wisdom to help them discover, communicate and prepare to implement the “why” that lies at the heart of all great accomplishments.

We do this in a three step process:

  1. Assess readiness to ensure the leadership team and organization can achieve an inspired transformation.
  2. Access the combined inner wisdom of the leadership team.
  3. Articulate the organization’s new purpose to engage stakeholders.


Knowing your purpose will not make a difference unless you can effectively put it into action at every level of your organization. It is also critical to implement your purpose in a way that honors your core values. 

After completing the INSPIRED PURPOSE™ Discovery program, we will meet with you to design a customized INSPIRED PURPOSE™ Rollout program that will serve your unique objectives.

Potential elements may include facilitation and guidance in the areas of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Purpose-based messaging both internally and externally
  • Core values
  • Appreciative Inquiry retreats or teleconferences to engage employee innovation
  • Reorganization of organizational structures and systems to align with the new purpose