Make work meaningful with the Inspired Purpose Group

The Power of Purpose

Purpose is defined as the reason for which anything is done, created, or exists.

The Inspired Purpose™ process goes a step further, by tapping into the higher reason your organization exists. It speaks to difference you are here to make, the people you are here to serve, the impact of your products and services in the world, and the brand message that is uniquely yours. Your organization’s purpose clarifies who you are trying to be in the world, as well as what you are trying to accomplish.


A clear and compelling Inspired Purpose has many benefits:

Inspired Purpose makes work meaningful.

The best employees want meaning from their work, the kind of meaning an inspired purpose delivers. When your associates have an inspired purpose, their life feels integrated, they don’t feel like they need to separate their “real” life from their work life. They can bring their whole, authentic, best self to work. This frees up lots of energy and unleashes the potential in each employee. Meaningful work leads to the next benefit:

Inspired Purpose brings out the best in your team.

Organizations with an inspired purpose have highly engaged employees. They show up ready and excited to fulfill the purpose of the company. They think of new and innovative ways to better deliver on the purpose. They collaborate and cooperate with each other in service of their shared purpose. This unity and teamwork drive the next benefit:

Inspired Purpose ignites high performance.

The evidence that organizations built on purpose and values produce superior results has been mounting for years. The 18 firms identified in Firms of Endearment have posted an impressive 13.10%. Search the Harvard Business Review website and you will see purpose is widely recognized as a primary driver of sustainable success, as evidenced in the graph below.

slide-6-638High performance is predictable because:

Inspired Purpose makes everything easier.

When you have a shared purpose that everyone in the organization understands, day-to-day decisions become simple. Every employee can look to the purpose to see what action should be taken. If it supports and advances the purpose, do it. If it doesn’t, take a pass. From strategic initiatives to daily interactions with customers, purpose empowers your people to do the right thing, every time. This focus creates an energy that drives the next benefit:

Inspired Purpose attracts impassioned people.

Your inspired purpose attracts employees, customers, vendors and investors who share your inspired purpose. Loyal people who want support the difference you are trying to make in the world and want to be associated with your brand. Inspired Purpose is an irresistible attractor. This leads to another benefit:

Inspired Purpose creates resilience in changing conditions.

In these times of constant change and global competition, Inspired Purpose is a solid bedrock on which you can depend for stability. It is one of the reasons that the 18 Firms of Endearment not only weathered the recent global recession, but also rebounded more quickly and have already returned to their pre-recession profit differential.

In summary, having a clear Inspired Purpose delivers many positive results that emerge from the 4 parts of Inspired Purpose:

  1. It clarifies the core energy upon which you draw your strength. This your essence.
  2. It clarifies the transformation you offer the world. This is your impact.
  3. It clarifies your ultimate calling. This is your mission.
  4. It clarifies your big idea. This is your message.
Every organization and every person has an Inspired Purpose, most simply have not yet discovered it. In that discovery lies your great work.