Make work meaningful with the Inspired Purpose Group

Who We Inspire

Our ideal clients:

  1. Place a high value on innovation. They are adaptable and responsive to changes in their industry, and are positioned as an industry leader in their niche. They believe embracing change is critical to their growth and sustainability.
  2. Know the old paradigms of business cannot sustain them, and are scanning the horizon for inspirational ways of evolving and recreating their business.
  3. Want to create a purposeful company, one that is organized around a higher vision that brings meaning and focus to work for their employees and stakeholders.
  4. Sense that values and vision need to be more than platitudes on their website and annual report. They are searching for practical and focused ways to inspire their people and provide clear direction, new strength and inner satisfaction, rather than the cynical or bored response elicited by most corporate statements of purpose.
  5. Want to leverage intuition & inspiration in setting their strategy. They appreciate that the best ideas often defy conventional logic, and know the value of following the heart and gut as well as head and inner wisdom as well as logic and reason.
  6. Appreciate the need to be a sustainable company, built on delivering products and services that make a positive impact, in order to continue to attract the best employees, customers and partners.

surfthewavesExamples of Inspired Purpose Group clients:

A global tech company finds its inspired purpose is: “inspiring people to walk their true path”.

That newly clarified purpose leads to a strategic focus on a new product line.

Although the investment in a single new product focus is high-risk from purely logical analysis, the inner wisdom of the leadership team points undeniably at the need for the new focus.

The result is a runaway best seller. The company’s new product truly inspires people “to walk their true path” and the impact in lives is tremendous:

  • 2009 — 4,500 customers impacted
  • 2010 — 10,000 customers impacted
  • 2011 — 100,000 customers impacted
  • 2012 — 650,000 customers impacted
  • 2013 Q1 — 740,000 customers impacted in Q1 alone!

Over that same timeframe, revenues grew proportionally and the firm has become very profitable.

Says the CEO:

“One thing that I can say is that, first, we found our purpose. Then, we found the model that works for us. Now we are duplicating the model to more partners and more customers. Without knowing our purpose, it wouldn’t have happened.”

He goes on to say: “I would say to each high level manager or CEO of a company, “if you want to be in full integrity with yourself and to really operate from a state of knowing, then the connection with your trusted source is something that will help you on day-to-day decision-making and on seeing the bigger picture; on getting out of what we call being below the water. Our mission was to connect the spirit and the materials into new consciousness.

When I realized that, everything fell into the right place. I realized that my company is a case study. An example that it can be done; that you can work on things like spirituality and make money at the same time. It’s not something that is obvious for most of the companies and most of the people that work with this kind of material. We are a proven case study and we’ll use it again; a proven example that it can be done and this is our mission: to show others that they can do it as well.”

A community spiritual center finds its Inspired Purpose in four parts:

  1. Message: As you change your thinking, you change your life.
  2. Mission: We are a spiritual community that inspires, advances and supports the Global Vision of a world that works for everyone, one person at a time, starting with me.
  3. Essence: We are the joyful expression of Spirit evolving.
  4. Impact: We are a catalyst for growth in spiritual consciousness and wholeness.

Since finding its inspired purpose, the center has experienced consistent growth of approximately 20% per year in members and revenues.

It has expanded staff, volunteers, facilities, and programs; and grown a savings account earmarked for the purchase of their own building.

The center has increased community impact while deeply transforming the spiritual lives of their members.